Mary Healey

Grayson has done permanent make up for me over many years and it is always so natural looking. It is great to wake up in the morning and have definition, and also I have never been good at putting on my eyeliner. Also I never knew how to shape my eye brows correctly and for the natural look, and most flattering look. She has through the years continued to study and know the latest and so now it is much easier and less time to treat at home, and less painful as well. It wasn't bad ever, livable and worth it for the effect. But, now so much better in every way. Have seen some people that look awful, certainly not a natural look, and sometimes freaky. Just not them, I am sure you have all seen some people that just look "wrong" for them. Never Grayson, always great, quick but thorough and natural, and I like the new lip color technique and the color she chose for me. I don't think we have anyone better and she can match anyone anywhere.

Anonymous Verified customer


Teresa B Verified customer

Grayson Sloan is amazing! She not only did a wonderful job once again on my eyes, but she is truly an amazing person as well as a professional. She makes you feel completely comfortable and explains every detail of what she is about to do. I wish I had done this many many years ago!!

Peggy G Verified customer


Stacey G Verified customer

You won't regret seeing Grayson and having her do your permanent makeup, she's a true artist!

Carol P Verified customer

Very professional. Very pleased with the results.

Anonymous Verified customer

I have gotten all kinds of comments about how young I look since getting my brows done by Grayson. I don't tell anyone it's just my brows. I'll keep them guessing a little while. I just love the way they brighten my face. Sometimes I don't even wear makeup......just like being a teenager again. Highly recommend this procedure and Grayson!

Stacey G Verified customer

I would highly recommend Grayson Sloan! She did eyeliner for me several years ago and I went back last year to get my eyes retouched and ended up having my eyebrows and lips done too - wish I had done it all sooner! It's so wonderful not having to worry about putting on those things every morning!
Grayson is a true artist as well. She knows exactly what color(s) work well with your coloring and makes sure your 100% happy with the results. She's a true professional and hygiene/healing is her top priority.

Sharon H Verified customer

I had my brows, eyeliner and lips done year before last and I absolutely love them. I would recommend anyone to get it done! The brows and eyes weren't painful at all but I have to be honest the lips hurt but Grayson did her very best to keep it as comfortable as possible. I love my when my lipstick wears off I still have subtle color! Thank you Grayson.

Stacey G Verified customer

I had a wonderful experience having Grayson Sloan do my eyes, brows and lips. She is so talented! I loved the colors she helped me select for myself. She is so caring and patient too! You cannot go wrong having her do your permanent makeup.

Jenny F Verified customer

Grayson is amazing and professional. Very friendly and caring.
Michelle Gann Verified customer    “I knew in my heart that I was always a woman. I just hid it from the world until my 30s. When I found the courage to move forward with transitioning, I decided that permanent cosmetics would be beneficial. In our current social climate, it is scary for a transgender person to seek services due to a fear of rejection and discrimination. I put my fears behind me and reached out to Grayson Sloan because I NEEDED beautiful, feminine brows. Also, due to having vision issues and very little practice over the years, I decided that permanent eyeliner was a good idea too. Grayson exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did she do a remarkable job with my brows and eyeliner, she (and her staff) treated me with respect and dignity. I am enamored with the results! I highly recommend to ANY woman who is interested in permanent cosmetics to put their trust in Grayson. She is a true artist!”